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Our village Pedrogao Grande in the centre of Portugal is hit by the worst wildfires in decades. During this tragedy 64 people lost their lives, hundreds of houses are destroyed by the flames, and a huge part of the infrastructure is heavily damaged.

We are the owners of Quinta do Ribeiro Joaninho, a small holiday estate in Pedrogao Grande. Luckily we are in good health as we could escape the flames in time. Together with our guests we had to run for our lives and leave everything behind.

Our quinta is heavily damaged by the fires. As you can see on the picture, the majority of the grounds are now covered in black. The house itself was saved by a miracle, and only suffered minor damage by the flames. However, a major part of the infrastructure – the entire water system and the electricity – are gone. Also, the gardens, the pool area and 90% of the trees are totally burned.

This season we were almost fully booked (so proud!). Due to the fires we had to cancel 11 weeks as the quinta and the grounds are not in shape to welcome guests…

Together with the direct damage to our propoerty, the loss of income due to the cancellation is huge. We estimate the total loss being between 80 and 100K.

Not being able to host our guests also results in another indirect loss for the community of Pedrogao Grande. No tourist, means no income for the local restaurants, shops, bars, etc. Especially now when it’s needed the most.

We are very sad about this and are doing our utmost to restore and rebuild everything as fast as possible. We are very passionated to restart, and we’re very determined to get things even more beautiful than before!

To get things up & running again, we are reaching out to you to help us and donate some money.   Everything is very welcome! To rebuild our quinta and to restore the tourist flux to Pedrogao Grande!

Many thanks!

Quinta do Ribeiro Joaninho